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Who Needs a Public Relations Consultant

Who needs a Public Relations Consultant?

1. Small, medium, large, or sole proprietor businesses, organizations, public entities and public figures, should have a public relations consultant on their team to provide objective and highly specialized input on the integrity of ones brand, communications/promotion program, and marketing plan.2. In this 24/7 news, social media and marketing environment, every business needs to pay consistent and comprehensive attention to their impression in the market place, and must stay up to date with the highly fluid nature of the communications tools available, and how to most effectively harness them.

Why do I need a Public Relations Consultant?

1. Is your marketing department overwhelmed on immediate sales goals and has little time to build your brand, promote your programs, or focus on long term sales and marketing planning?2. Do you want to get more media attention in your local, regional, or national markets?3. Would you like to celebrate and create good news happen utilize it to promote your business?4. Do you have an advertising plan? Are you increasing awareness of your brand in the marketplace and increasing your sales, or placing advertisements in the same products over and over again because you don’t know how to reach current and prospective markets?5. Do you communicate with your customers and constituency effectively, and on a regular basis with an integrated direct, and social media program that provides you with an effective date mining plan?6. Would you like to be considered an expert in your field and realize greater sales and growth for your business as a result?7. Do you fear public/media attention because you don’t know what to say or how to protect your company?8. Do you want to generate more opportunities to build your business and secure your brand or reputation?9. Do you feel you need to be better positioned to take advantage of opportunities that may come to you?10. Do you know how to leverage currents event, your community involvement, or your expertise into greater awareness of your company?11. Do you feel your investors, board of trustees, or board of directors need inspiration and direction to help your company/organization get to the next level, or stabilize in the current environment?12. Would you like to feel more confident in presenting your service and/or product?

If any of the above items are familiar challenges to you and your company YOU need a professional and creative Public Relations consultant to advise and guide you in emergent issues, program planning, and long range business development through communications, public relations, and marketing protocols. A Simon Says, LLC will provide you with the advice, products, and services that you need to accomplish these goals.

Why should I have access to my own Public Relations consultant?

1. Your business requires a professional who can give an objective overview of your marketing and communications programs and help you lead your staff and company into the 21 century marketplace with confidence.2. Your competition may already be ahead of you in the social marketplace, Tweeting, Texting, E-news, You Tube, Facebook and Blogging, their products and services to your target market taking not only your market share but unnerving your investors.3. In a 24/7 communications environment ones brand, image, or product can be publicly discussed by non-professionals to millions of people world wide in a matter of moments, and one has no control of the content, or opinions issued forth or the agenda of the person orchestrating it. It is imperative that you have a professional public relations consultant on hand to immediately respond to mitigate the damage, and turn a crisis situation into an opportunity to communicate your true message.


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