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The Power of Disruption

“Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Business Tip

Innovation is needed in an age of Disruption. Disruption moves away from what is to what can be, to what will be. The need to move beyond the fear of change is critical for growth and development. The good news is that fear of the unknown disappears when the anticipation of what can be gained is realized. As we grow in experience in dealing with and navigating change, disruption poses less of a threat and is approached with more excitement. Once that happens, disruption is welcomed.

Life Coaching Tip

Disruption is all around us – in our homes, work environment, community and world; from terrorist events, violent crimes, natural disasters, and policy and market volatility, as it pertains to our finances and access to social services. We may be struggling to raise our children, suffering from illness, facing death or divorce, elder parent care, job loss, or just the challenge inherent in making ends meet each month. All of these events of Disruption challenge our positive energies and our ability to focus on our goals.

Disruption is a very strong, sometimes gale-force wind, which threatens our balance, to blow us away with no ability to control or define our direction. Disruption forces change, which is sometimes painful, but change nonetheless. Like childbirth, Disruption is physical, spiritual, emotional and painful but it is the process of giving new life and opportunities to the world.

Change is always worthwhile, for with change and disruption we are forced to look at things in a new way, to adjust our approach to solve our challenges and open our eyes to the new opportunities that change has created. We must be flexible and flow with the wind. Ride it like a bird and see where it takes us. Harness the power of disruption and use the energy to effectuate positive change.

Action Tip

When Disruption seems to overwhelm you and you feel like you have lost control, go out and volunteer in your community. Whether you spend a few hours working in a food pantry, volunteering in your local school or house of worship, focusing your energy on others will balance the disruption in your life and put it into clearer perspective.

Presentation Tip

Whatever disruption is primary in your life the day of your presentation, use that energy to transform your efforts, to imbue your presentation with positive and life-affirming energy. Perhaps relate your product, service or subject to the shared disruption of your community and how it may ameliorate those challenges, or may bring comfort or distraction. Do not ignore what is happening all around us or what is taking place in your workplace or family. Use your personal experience to connect with your audience, team or customer. We are of one community and the same human experience. They will relate to you and your efforts in a more personal way.


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