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Reactive/Crisis Communications: Preparing for the Unexpected Presented by Amy Simon to be held on 12

Amy Simon, President of A Simon Says, LLC has been booked to present at the Biz 2.0 Workshops for Growing Business series at the West Orange Public Library on December 7, 2017.

Amy closes the 2017 series with a presentation on reactive media, crisis communications and reputation management strategies, Reactive/Crisis Communications: Preparing for the Unexpected.

“In this 24/7 social media environment where every moment can be photographed and pushed out to platforms, every post commented upon, it is important to follow some proactive messaging strategies to reduce your vulnerability,” Simon Says. “We also need to keep on top of reviews and comments in the digital space and learn how to mitigate them. Of course, when the press comes calling one must be prepared to respond effectively too.”

Amy will present basic strategies to prepare one’s business and oneself to address many of these issues next December. Sponsored by the West Orange Chamber of Commerce and the West Orange Public and Regal Bank, the Biz 2.0 series is held at the West Orange Public Library.

“There is no reason to wait to learn about this important issue. You can email me directly if you are having an issue or concerned about how to protect your reputation online or in the media, at,” Simon says.

For more information about the series visit


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